April 22 - Earth Day!

The Problem

Cooking fires are often next to the sleeping area and baby’s hammocks are often in the kitchen where mother can quickly calm the child. According to WHO, household air pollution causes 4.3 million deaths per year via cardiovascular disease, stroke, pulmonary disease, and lung cancer. This is related to the fact that indigenous Guatemalans, disproportionally effected by poverty, have a life expectancy 13 years less than the average citizen. After diarrhea, respiratory illnesses are the second most common cause of death for infants.


The Solution

Clean burning stoves - Guatemala has the worst air quality in Central America, so Home for a Home shopped for a local made clean stove. We use the Chispa home stove which is locally made and is specifically designed for Guatemalan cooking styles which require a big griddle for tortillas. The stoves reduce smoke particles by 98% and reduce the family wood bill by half - healthy and green.

The Opportunity

Thanks to the smart design from our friends at Estufas Chispa, you can help reduce deforestation and improve air quality!

The Chuluc Family

As cooking is often a monumental undertaking for a large family, it didn't surprise us that Maria was especially thankful for her stove. She even let us try to make tortillas on our last visit. Learn more about the Chuluc family here!


"Thanks to everyone that helped us to build our new home. And thanks for our new stove, we can not thank you enough for what you have done for us." 


For offline donations, make checks payable to Home For A Home to and mail to:

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