Bella & Elvis

Bella and Elvis have one son, Jeremy. Like many local young men early in their work lives, Elvis has several jobs working in both a bakery and at a sawmill. Bella works helping her mother raise animals.

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Jeremy, pictured here with his cousins, often plays with the other kids and hopefully will start school next year. School is a challenge. Some of the cousins are not in school because there is not enough spare funds to cover uniforms and other school expenses. There is a tough tradeoff between scraping together enough to invest in education versus the food and emergency medical expenses that regularly come up.


Tiny lot

Bella’s mother, Marta, subdivided her land to make a parcel for them. These stone block houses are highly sought after by families because of the safety, warmth, and status they provide. Moving into a house like this is a sign in the community that the family is taking a big step forward.


The piglets

Agricultural side businesses are common, especially raising animals at the home. These cute piglets are just outside the house and getting bigger every day. Bella's mother makes and sells a cheese that is traditional in Chimaltenango where they live. For this cheese business, they also keep a goat and a cow.