Marco & Maria

When you come to their home you are warmly welcomed and find it hard to say goodbye.

This home was made possible by  Anthony Cassel .

This home was made possible by Anthony Cassel.


Marco and Maria are the aunt and uncle you could only hope for. They have two sons and two daughters and they have taken on the responsibility of caring for several of their nieces and nephews.



We were able to visit the Diaz Bolaños family. We don't know who had more fun, our group or the kids. Despite tough circumstances, the kids were engaging and quick to teach us games and show us what they had been learning in school. 



Marco is the main breadwinner for the family. He is an entrepreneur, selling car fresheners. It isn't hugely lucrative, but when their nieces and nephews were in need of a home, they found a way to stretch their income to make sure their family was taken care of.