Miguel & Maria

As you walk down the road to Chuaquenum, you turn a corner and there is an incredible view of Lake Atitlan to the right. As you look to the left, you can start to see a spattering of block homes adorned with pots of colorful flowers where stick & mud houses used to stand. Here is where you will find the Chuluc Family.



Chuaquenum is the first remote project we undertook to provide homes for an entire village. When we first started this project, we were planning to put in latrines. Thanks to the perseverance of the village leader, advocating for the running water they were supposed to already have, the families in Chuaquenum have flushing toilets for the first time. In addition to the main living room and bathroom, the families also received an efficient wood burning stove and water filter. 


Proof of ownership

There are several requirements the family must meet to qualify for a home. They must be below a certain level of income, be willing to participate in the follow up program and have proof that they own the property where the home will be built. Having seen several of his neighbors completed homes, Miguel was ready for us when we arrived. After a warm greeting he immediately presented us with the deed to his land.

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In her words

We love hearing from the family. As cooking is often a monumental undertaking for a large family, it doesn't surprise us what Maria is especially thankful for:

"Thanks to everyone that helped us to build our new home. God bless you. And thanks for our new stove, we can not thank you enough for what you have done for us." Maria